Eradication of the Brown People

December 13, 2009

Even Disney Goes Black

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The first “black” princess has been unveiled in a major Disney animation. The first princess was given to us in the 1930’s with a very “snow-white”.  There has been a native american princess an asian princess now a black princess.  Uhm, hello.  Aren’t we forgetting one  of this countries native cultures (ours)?  A culture that makes up some of the greatest demographics in contemporary times? How can we all just sit around and say or do nothing.  My G-d!  Someone has to be as frustrated by all of this as i am.

December 8, 2009

SunHarvest Grocery Stores and Racism

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a couple of months ago i slipped on some cabbage near the checkout counter of the sunharvest gricery store at 1604 and 281in san antonio, tx.  when i fell on the floor my right arm and right knee twisted in some abnormal fashion.  i lay there in full view of the first register. no one did a thing even the woman that was paying for her groceries and looked down at me did nothing.  i sat there for a few minutes and took inventory of my damage and my ego.  both were severly bruised.  since no one cared to ask if i was alright and no one came to assist me to my feet i manage to pull myself off of the floor.  still no one came. i asked the second checker to call the manager and have someone clean up the mess. they managed that much. the manager, a too willing latino, merely said to “come by tomorrow if i was hurt.”  THAT’S IT!!!  damn! i should have brought my gucci purse with me. i went to the ayudie murphy emergency a couple days later because i was not up to the wait or exposurer to the flu virus. as it turned out i twisted my shoulder and had a bruise on my knee the size of a melon. plus, my knee developed fluid on it.  my back still bothers me.  if i had been one of the white stone oak clientele i am very sure that they would have acted differently.   i am a latina artist,  i dress simply and do not have a need to be flashy. but i deserve to be treated with respect.    the california head office left a message asking me to call them and i did several times, and i have yet to here from them.  sometimes i just get tired of being treated as if i don’t matter.

December 3, 2009

Humanitarian Aid Is Never a Crime

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Take Action–Humanitarian Aid Is Never a Crime!

Dear Friends,  
On Friday, December 4, the United States Government faces a choice–to penalize humanitarian aid or to uphold human rights.

No More Deaths volunteer Walt Staton faces potential imprisonment for placing clean drinking water on migrant trails on the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, a huge tract of public land near the U.S./Mexico border. (For background on Walt’s case, see

Since 1994, over 5,000 migrants have died on the border. In 2009, more than 206 bodies were recovered in southern Arizona.  Instead of addressing this human rights catastrophe, the United States continues to pursue a failed border policy that criminalizes those who cross, and is attempting to criminalize those who work to prevent their death.

You can make a difference. Here’s a series of e-actions you can take:

1. Today or tomorrow, write to Dennis Burke, the newish US Attorney for Arizona, asking him to recommend a suspended sentence in Walt’s case and to state publicly that he will not waste public resources on prosecuting humanitarians.

Send a fax:
Or send an email:


3. Forward this email to everyone you know and ask them to do the above three things.

Finally, if you are in the Tucson area,  please try to attend the re-sentencing and related events. Or consider hosting solidarity events in your community.

Friday, December 4, 12:30 pm (rally/vigil),  3:00 pm (hearing)
Evo DeConcini Federal Courthouse, 405 W. Congress (at Granada)

No More Deaths calls on our supporters and all defenders of human rights to pack the Operation Streamline hearings all week.

Monday through Friday, 1:30 pm
Special Proceedings courtroom
Evo DeConcini Federal Courthouse, 405 W. Congress (at Granada)

(For more information on Operation Streamline, see

Thank you for your continued work and support on behalf of human rights in the borderlands.
David Hill
No More Deaths volunteer

December 2, 2009

am i the only one to notice?

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I have never blogged before but I just had to find away to express what i see happening. i was hoping some influential latina or latino would step up and say something, sadly no one has, at least not that i am aware of.
but has anyone noticed that television shows and media advertising now comes in black and white? 2 years ago brown people were very visible. were we banished to some underground tacohell? and if anyone notices one of us we are assumed to be undocumented. i really thought you liked us well, at least our food and yard work. so what “my brother” happened?

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